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Eating disorders resource

January 22, 2020

With the new MBS item number for managing eating disorders, help is far more accessible for patients with this condition.
It is now more important than ever to identify and diagnose these patients.
The screening questionnaire associated with this resource can be useful for this purpose.
InsideOut is an Australian institute focused on …

Mental illness and the NDIS

Initial NDIS planning failed to recognise the unique needs and challenges of people with mental illnesses.
The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) promises a life-changing opportunity for Australians living with disabilities to get the supports they need to engage and participate fully in their communities.
The size, complexity and rapid roll-out of …

Fish-oil for future fathers

Prospective fathers might consider taking fish-oil supplements to improve their fertility, new research suggests.
Danish researchers conducted the study into the reproductive function among over 1500 young men (aged 18-19 years) from the general population. They compared parameters such as total sperm count and motility, as well as serum hormone levels …

Online PTSD support

January 15, 2020

Online psychological therapy is becoming increasingly popular, with more options appearing every week it seems. It is a particularly good option for people who have difficulty accessing appropriate psychologists.
Here is one such online service that you might well find useful to recommend for patients in the wake of the recent …

Bushfire smoke and pregnancy – the risks

Smoke haze from Australia’s catastrophic bushfires is continuing to affect many parts of the country.
Although there’s no safe level of air pollution, the health hazards tend to be greatest for vulnerable groups. Alongside people with pre-existing conditions, smoke exposure presents unique risks for pregnant women.
Research shows prolonged exposure to bushfire …

Major concerns over Australian study into transgender children

Some very well-respected psychiatrists have raised serious concerns about the ethics and methodology of a new prospective study into transgender children, taking place at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital Gender Service.
The protocol of the study, known as the Trans20 longitudinal cohort study, has been recently published in the journal BMJ Open.
In …

Top 5 Podcasts of 2019

December 12, 2019

Podcasts have been a new initiative for Healthed in 2019, and have made our quality educational content more accessible than ever. The holiday period is an ideal time to catch up or revise seminars and interviews with our expert speakers, even on a car or train trip. If you’re new …

Top 5 Monographs of 2019

Medical experts have been writing tirelessly all this year to provide their insights into some of the biggest developments in best medical practice. It’s easy miss these updates when they come in the midst of busy work periods however, which is why Healthed is now bringing you a summary of …

Plaster protectors

December 11, 2019

This resource is a little different to the usual guideline or website that is commonly discussed in this newsletter.
This is a product that was recommended by a number of patients and has the potential to really improve the quality of someone’s life.
Quite simply it’s a waterproof protector that goes over …

Medical termination not an option in the country

Around one in six Australian women have had an abortion by their mid-30s. These women come from all age groups and demographics: some are mothers already, while others are child-free; some are partnered, others are single.
Abortion was removed from the New South Wales Crimes Act in October and is now …

SCCs more deadly in the immunosuppressed

Not only are immunosuppressed people at increased risk of developing skin cancer, new research shows the skin cancer they get is more likely to be aggressive and multifocal.
According to the retrospective study of a cohort of almost 800 patients who had been treated for cutaneous SCC of the head and …

Guidelines for treating SCCs and BCCs

December 04, 2019

The latest updated version of the clinical practice guidelines for keratinocyte cancer are now available and worth checking out, especially if you do a lot of skin work.
Keratinocyte cancer is the new way to talk about non-melanoma skin cancer and basically refers to basal cell carcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas.
The …