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Managing Sexual Dysfunction in Depression

May 02, 2018

Based on an interview with Dr Jon-Paul Khoo, psychiatrist, co-owner and director at the Toowong Specialist Clinic, Brisbane held at the Annual Women and Children’s Health Update, Melbourne, March 2018
Modern antidepressant medication is efficacious and effective for sufferers of major depressive disorder.
However, residual symptoms, even in those who appear to …

Ketamine to prevent suicide?

April 24, 2018

Ketamine’s controversial role in treating depression has been boosted by a new randomised controlled trial showing it significantly and rapidly reduces suicidal ideation.
Among a group of 80 severely depressed individuals already on pharmacotherapy, the US researchers found that a single, subanaesthetic infusion of ketamine was associated with a greater reduction …

Can My Genes Be Making Me Overweight?

Based on an interview with endocrinologist and obesity expert, Professor Joseph Proietto at the Annual Women and Children’s Health Update, Melbourne, March 2018
There are many reasons proposed for our society becoming more overweight than ever before.
The commonest explanation is that people are overeating because they have more refined, energy dense …

Avoid AF, Eat Nuts

April 18, 2018

Eating nuts at least three times a week reduces the risk of developing atrial fibrillation, Swedish researchers report.
For the first time it has been shown that nut consumption has a linear, dose-response association with atrial fibrillation. The findings of this long-term, prospective study of over 60,000 adults, showed people who …

The ultimate ELIXER of Sport

In 1889, Dr Charles-Édouard Brown-Séquard, a world-renowned physiologist and neurologist, whom first described a syndrome which bears his name, published in The Lancet, a paper based on a series of lectures.
He described a number of experiments done on animals and humans (including himself) which involved injecting an ELIXER derived from …

An Update in Heart Failure

April 11, 2018

How easy is it to say HFpEF and HFrEF?   The answer is… not very easy! However, heart failure has a new classification based on ejection fraction that doctors will need to know about.
HFpEF stands for “heart failure with preserved ejection fraction.” This preserved ejection fraction is defined as greater than …

Reflux Meds in Infants Doubles Risk of Allergy

Infants receiving acid suppressive medications are more than twice as likely to develop food allergies later in life, US researchers say.
Findings from a large retrospective study, analysing data from almost 800,000 children, showed that being prescribed either an H2 receptor antagonist or a proton pump inhibitor in the first six …

A loss of Libido. How can we fix this?

April 04, 2018

Low sexual desire is a common sexual complaint in women. The reality is that more than half of Australian women aged 16-59 years of age experience a lack of interest in sex for at least one month in a year. With so many affected, could it be that this simply …

A Missed Opportunity

Patients are still not consistently being prescribed exercise despite the wealth of evidence that shows its health benefit, according to an editorial in the latest issue of the MJA.
The authors, all sports medicine specialists point to statistics showing physical inactivity being the fourth leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. …

Eczema – More Than Just an Itchy Rash

March 28, 2018

Eczema (eczematous inflammation) is the most common inflammatory disease of skin. These rashes are itchy and recognised by erythema, scale and vesicles, but can have secondary changes of infection, irritation or scratching. The term “dermatitis” is a broader, non-specific term which is not synonymous with eczema. There are three stages …

Cheapest Option Just as Good for Vaginal Atrophy

Post-menopausal women experiencing vulvovaginal symptoms will benefit just as much from using the cheapest over-the-counter lubricant or moisturiser as using topical oestrogen, a new study suggests.
The 12-week randomised clinical trial, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, compared the efficacy of a low-dose vaginal oestradiol tablet and a vaginal moisturiser, each versus …

There is no perfect contraception…

March 21, 2018

Let us imagine that there has been a significant side-effect from a contraceptive choice occurs and a patient suffers harm. It is a known but very rare side-effect.
How much legal and ethical responsibility lies with the doctor who prescribes the contraceptive, how much lies with the medical experts advocating this …