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In The News

Flu Breakthrough: Universal Vaccine May Be in Sight

February 20, 2019

Researchers have studied various flu strains and found that the body’s so-called killer immune cells offer protection against all influenza viruses.
Soon, we may no longer need to update our flu vaccines each year, as a universal flu shot is now in sight.
Influenza A, B, and C viruses are widespread globally …

Hospital Admissions for Eating Disorders Surge to Highest in Eight Years

There has been a dramatic rise in hospital admissions for potentially life-threatening eating disorders in the last year, prompting concern from experts about a growing crisis of young people experiencing anorexia and bulimia.
Figures seen by the Guardian show year-on-year rises in hospital visits, with admission numbers more than doubling from …

Everyone Can Be an Effective Advocate for Vaccination: Here’s How

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has named vaccine hesitancy as one of their top 10 threats to global health for 2019.
Last week, the wife of an NRL footballer made national headlines after posting on Instagram that the couple did not plan to vaccinate their children.
Indeed, there’s rarely a time vaccination …

Simple Drug Formula Regenerates Brain Cells

February 12, 2019

Researchers have taken a step forward in the quest for a pill that can recover brain function lost through strokes, brain injuries, and conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.
Scientists at Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) in State College converted glial cells into functioning neurons by using a combination of just four …

Patients with Bone Infections May Benefit as Much from Oral Antibiotics as IVs, OVIVA Study Finds

As an Infectious Disease physician, I see many patients with osteomyelitis, or infection of the bone. It’s a common infection especially in patients with diabetes, poor circulation, and following joint replacement.
It’s not often I am struck by what appears to be a game-changing study. The OVIVA study should be practice …

Food Allergies Are All Too Common in Australia, but There Are Ways to Help Avoid Them

It is estimated, based upon this research, that approximately 1 in 10 infants experience a food allergy. We also know that there has been between two to threefold increase in the presentations to emergency departments in Australia because of anaphylaxis (severe allergic reactions) to foods and medications over the past …

Doctors and Nurses Falling Victim to Laws Supposed to Protect Them, Medical Experts Say

February 06, 2019

Laws aimed at addressing a spike in health professional suicides are causing fear and confusion and could actually be having the opposite effect, Queensland medical experts are warning.
Under nationally adopted laws introduced in 2010, health practitioners are required to report on each other if they believe a clinician has an …

Big Drinkers Can Alter DNA, Fuel Addiction

Heavy drinking can alter DNA in ways that increase the desire for alcohol, new research suggests.
The findings may help explain why alcohol addiction is so powerful and hard to resist, say scientists.
The US team looked at two genes that play a role in the control of drinking behaviour.
One is PER2, …

Once a Last Resort, this Pain Therapy Is Getting a New Life Amid the Opioid Crisis

Spurred by the opioid crisis, a once marginalized therapy that relies on electrical stimulation to treat chronic pain is undergoing a renaissance as device makers race to upgrade their products for a wider population of patients.
The companies believe the therapy, known as neuromodulation, can reduce reliance on opioid painkillers, which …

We Asked Five Experts: Is it Safe to Run While Pregnant?

January 30, 2019

Pregnancy can be a magical time, but also a stressful one. With so many things you can and can’t do, it can get confusing. Guidelines recommend women without complicated pregnancies should be maintaining fitness. But how?
Many women love the alone time pounding the pavement for a nice run out in …

‘Genetic Dice are Loaded Against’ Obese People

Everyone who has tried to lose weight will be familiar with the frustration that often accompanies weight loss efforts. Sometimes, it may seem as though people who are overweight are fighting a losing battle, while slim people can eat whatever they want. New research suggests that this may be true …

New Study Offers ‘Strongest Evidence’ Yet that Exercise Helps Prevent Depression

Does physical activity reduce depression, or does depression reduce physical activity?
It’s a quintessential chicken and egg scenario — and a question that’s plagued scientists for some time.
Now, thanks to the power of modern genomics, a new study published in JAMA Psychiatry provides the “strongest evidence” yet that exercise has a …