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Parents’ Mental Health Linked to Violence in Kids

September 02, 2016

Kids who have a parent who has been diagnosed with certain psychiatric disorders may be at increased risk for attempting suicide or committing a violent offense, a new study of people in Denmark suggests. These kids are at even greater risk of these behaviors when both parents have the disorders, the …

Pregnant Woman in Singapore Infected with Zika as Cases Soar

The number of confirmed Zika cases in Singapore surged past 100 late Wednesday, including the first pregnant woman to be infected by the disease which can cause deformities in babies.
The United States and Britain joined Australia and Taiwan in advising pregnant women to avoid non-essential travel to the city-state, while …

Researchers Finds Mechanism Affecting Alcohol Consumption

August 31, 2016

A Washington State University researcher has found a mechanism that strongly influences whether or not an animal is likely to drink a lot of alcohol.
“It takes them from drinking the equivalent of three to four units of alcohol in one to two hours, down to one to two,” said David …

Stem Cell Breakthrough Unlocks Mysteries Associated with Inherited Heart Condition

Using advanced stem cell technology, scientists from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai have created a model of a heart condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM)—an excessive thickening of the heart that is associated with a number of rare and common illnesses, some of which have a strong genetic …

Heroin Treatment Drug Naloxone ‘Saves Lives’ in WA Trial

A trial giving family members and friends of heroin users a drug to prevent overdoses has been hailed a success, and may even reduce overall heroin use, researchers say.
The WA Peer Naloxone Project trained users and family members how to administer naloxone, which is used in emergency medicine to reverse …

Ebola Virus Persists in Semen Far Longer than Thought, Study Finds

The Ebola virus can hide itself in the testicles of men who’ve survived the disease for far longer than had been previously thought, a new study suggests.
In fact, the research reports on a man who was still emitting fragments of Ebola viruses in his semen 565 days after he became ill …

Scientists Use Ultrasound to Jump-start a Man’s Brain After Coma

August 27, 2016

A 25-year-old man recovering from a coma has made remarkable progress following a treatment at UCLA to jump-start his brain using ultrasound. The technique uses sonic stimulation to excite the neurons in the thalamus, an egg-shaped structure that serves as the brain’s central hub for processing information.
“It’s almost as if …

New PBS Drug Approvals Announced

August 24, 2016

Patients with diabetes may be able to shift from 14 injections per week down to just one with the listing of a slow-release treatment, as part of the government’s $70 million PBS subsidy of new medicines.
From September 1, up to 20,000 patients with type 2 diabetes will have access to …

U.S. Heart Group Sets Limit on Sugar for Kids and Teens

The vast majority of children and teens should have less than six teaspoons of added sugar in their diet each day, according to the American Heart Association.
Until age 2, children should consume no added sugars at all, and between ages 2 and 18 they should limit added sugars to 25 …

HIV Effort Let Down by Test Shortages, Says WHO

A shortage of HIV testing could undermine global efforts to diagnose and treat people with the infection, warn experts from the World Health Organization.
They looked at responses to annual surveys that the WHO had sent to 127 countries between 2012 and 2014 asking about capacity and usage of blood tests …

Gut Bacteria, Antibiotics, and the Rise of Type 1 Diabetes

Breaking research investigates antibiotic use in children and the later development of type 1 diabetes. Could antibiotics be altering the gut biome and impacting future health?
In America, more than 30 million people have a diabetes diagnosis.
Of these cases, around 5 percent are classed as type 1 diabetes.
Type 1 diabetes, usually …

Researchers Complete Unprecedented Study of the Global Virome

“The amount of analysis and discoveries that we anticipate will follow this dataset cannot be overstated.”

Viruses are the most abundant biological entities on Earth, but we know about only a small fraction of them. An unprecedented study published today in Nature has closed some of those gaps. Researchers analyzed over …