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This New Blood Test Could Personalise Depression Treatments for the First Time

June 13, 2016

Scientists have developed a new blood test that could finally lead to personalised depression treatments for patients, giving doctors a tool that can identify which antidepressants are likely to work for patients the first time around, instead of relying on trial and error.
This could make a huge difference, because the …

Many with Migraines have Vitamin Deficiencies, Says Study

A high percentage of children, teens and young adults with migraines appear to have mild deficiencies in vitamin D, riboflavin and coenzyme Q10—a vitamin-like substance found in every cell of the body that is used to produce energy for cell growth and maintenance.
These deficiencies may be involved in patients who …

Research Suggests Diabetes Drug Acts Differently From Previous Theories

June 08, 2016

A Mayo Clinic study suggests laboratory findings do not tell the whole story of how the diabetes drug metformin works to limit the level of glucose in the blood. The researchers found that metformin does not limit the action of the hormone glucagon, specifically glucagon-stimulated glucose production from the liver. …

New Findings on the Connections Between Gut Microbiota and the Brain

Intestinal bacteria that can boost bravery or trigger multiple sclerosis: An increasing body of research results confirms the importance of the “gut-brain axis” for neurology and indicates that the triggers for a number of neurological diseases may be located in the digestive tract.
“The gut microbiome can influence the central nervous …

Junk Science Driving Public Misperceptions

June 06, 2016

Have you heard about the latest study? Coffee fights cancer. Pizza and French fries are addictive like crack. Midnight snacks hamper our ability to retain memories.
Actually, what’s really bad for our brains is all the junk science being reported as gospel.
According to Pew Research, “79 percent of scientists believe it …

Pharmacist Behind ‘Hydration Clinics’ Shadi Kazeme Sued for Theft of Peptides and Steroids

June 01, 2016

The chemist to the stars behind a controversial chain of “hydration clinics” has been charged after allegedly stealing more than $250,000 worth of prescription drugs, including peptides and steroids, from the chemist linked to the Essendon drug scandal.
Models, soap stars and DJs such as Pia Miller and Ruby Rose are customers at the iv.me Hydration Clinic, which markets …

Mums can Transmit Psychiatric Trouble to Kids

Individual symptoms, such as anxiety, avoidance and a heightened response to stress, can be transmitted from mother to child and even grandchildren by multiple nongenetic mechanisms, a new study by investigators at Weill Cornell Medicine and other institutions shows. The pre-clinical findings, published May 13 in Nature Communications, may lead …

Female Smokers More Likely to Kick the Habit by ‘Timing’ Their Quit Date with their Menstrual Cycle

Women who want to quit smoking may have better success by carefully timing their quit date with optimal days within their menstrual cycle, according to a new study from researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. The results, published online this month in Biology of …

Payday Lenders to Offer Elective and Cosmetic Surgery Loans

Medical experts warn a push by payday lenders into loans for elective and cosmetic surgery could lead to a rise in risky procedures and put people’s health at risk.
Lenders are looking for new revenue streams following a crackdown into the sector by the corporate regulator.
MoneyMe, which was set up two years …

The Baby Business – Four Corners

May 31, 2016

As this program shows, there are concerns, even from industry insiders, that some women undergoing IVF don’t actually need it. Others warn against the practice of upselling – where women are sold expensive and unproven treatments that one doctor says is akin to snake oil.And disturbingly, they also have concerns …

Promoting Low-Fat Diets has ‘Disastrous Health Consequences’, Report Finds

May 25, 2016

Urging people to follow low-fat diets and to lower their cholesterol is having “disastrous health consequences”, a British health charity has warned.
In a damning report that accuses major public health bodies of colluding with the food industry, the National Obesity Forum and the Public Health Collaboration call for a “major …

Ulcerative Colitis Patients May Benefit from Fecal Transplantation

The results of a trial presented at a meeting this week show that 1 in 4 patients with ulcerative colitis found their symptoms disappeared and their gut linings had healed or substantially improved after receiving fecal microbiota transplantation – without the use of steroids.
The findings feature at Digestive Disease Week …