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7 Tips to Help Manage Reflux Oesophagitis

heartburnReflux oesophagitis is not just a chemical reaction due to stomach acid irritating the lower oesophageal sphincter. There is very much a mechanical process that facilitates this to happen. The following are some practical methods, mainly mechanical, that should be (but often are not) discussed with all patients who have reflux oesophagitis.

  1. Eat small amounts of food frequently rather than larger meals.
  2. Avoid pickles, citrus, spices, curry, coffee, pineapple and capsicum.
  3. Do not eat or drink within two hours of lying down.
  4. Avoid alcohol, if you do drink, have only a small amount, and with food or diluted.
  5. Tilt the head of the bed so gravity helps keep the acid in the stomach.
  6. Avoid stooping or bending, squat down if needed.
  7. Antacids that contain sodium alginate allow a protective barrier over the stomach contents reducing contact of the oesophagus with acid.

A useful fact sheet for your patients is from the Gastroenterological Society of Australia website.