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The Use of Internet Images via a Search Engine

All GPs know about the use of websites to facilitate a patient’s understanding regarding their new diagnoses or the management of a condition. However, patients frequently have a poor concept about the anatomy of their problem area, especially when it comes to joints, ligaments and organ positions. This sounds so simple, but easily overlooked by busy doctors in all walks of medicine and surgery.

Models of various major joints and organs are increasingly expensive (and, regarding models of the spine, are increasingly and confusingly missing the mirror image!). Many people will understand a picture much more easily than a verbal description. This is where your search engine becomes of great use. As for all websites, it is advisable to do this together with the patient so the doctor can control the quality of the information and answer questions. A full understanding of their injured or diseased anatomy will help reduce stress in many patients and make the rationale for management clearer and easier to remember.