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Government Ceases Funding for Andrology Australia

Andrology Australia desperately needs your help. Please complete this 1-minute survey which will assist us to lobby the government for a change of decision.

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Dear colleagues,

We were dismayed to learn recently that the Commonwealth Department of Health has completely withdrawn funding from Andrology Australia. This will mean that this invaluable resource will be lost and there will be no independent body working to ensure that clinicians and consumers get the necessary information to support this important area of men’s health.

Andrology Australia has been providing independent, evidence-based information and education on male reproductive health and associated conditions for health professionals and the community for the past 16 years. It is vital that clinicians and consumers have access to information that is free of commercial influence and freely available.

Andrology Australia has always operated on a modest budget with a small team of committed professionals supported by a network of primary healthcare professionals and specialists working pro bono.

We are now lobbying the government to reverse this decision for the sake of the health of Australian men. We ask for your support by answering this survey to collect data for our campaign.

Thank you.
Kind regards,

Rob McLachlan
Director, Andrology Australia