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Maternity Matters

This is one of those resources you will wish you would have discovered earlier.

Maternity Matters (https://maternity-matters.com.au/) is a website developed and largely authored by well-known Brisbane GP Dr Wendy Burton.

As the name suggests it is reservoir of information related to pregnancy and is aimed chiefly at the general public but also provides a healthy serving of support materials for Australian health professionals as well.
Dr Burton who is Chair of the Antenatal/Postnatal Specific Interest Group for the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners has compiled articles, interviews and links to important guidelines and similar reference materials on this site, that cover everything from pre-conception checklists to the post-natal issues such as vaccinations and return to exercise.
This website is strongly based on evidence but is also very practical, addressing many of the more controversial and topical issues currently confronting the pregnant woman such as tongue-tie in infants and children’s risk of allergy.

All the information is current and very Australian, with contributions from some very well-respected experts. As Dr Burton points out there is a lot of information out there on pregnancy and infant health – some of it very good, but, let’s face it, there’s a lot of dodgy stuff too – leaving women often confused and unnecessarily anxious. Asking patients not to Google is unlikely to be all that effective, but if patients can be directed to an authoritative, comprehensive site such as Maternity Matters you can feel confident that the information they receive will be reasonable and largely in keeping with what you, the qualified GP, would have said – if you were available at 3am when the patient was awake and seeking answers.

Access the resource here