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Mental health first aid

Managing patients with mental health issues is a common recognised challenge for Australian GPs. Managing families and carers is a common often unrecognised challenge for Australian GPs. Knowing someone with a mental health issue, living with them, working with them or caring for them can be extremely difficult and exhausting, never knowing what the right thing is to say or do.

Mental Health First Aid is a perfect resource that you can recommend in just these circumstances. The not-for-profit organisation behind this charity is on a mission to train all Australians in the best evidenced-based approach to helping people with a psychological problem.

So on the website, people can find authoritative and practical advice on topics such as when should you suspect someone is psychotic and what should you do if you fear someone is contemplating suicide. In addition there are courses that anybody can undertake that actually train you in mental health first aid. How empowering that must be for all those friends and carers who are struggling to help someone they care about who is ill.

The information is also available in a range of languages, and also has specific resources for some of the unique issues experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

This excellent resource is likely to prove valuable not only for patients, but health professionals as well.


>> Access the resource here

Recommended at the Sydney Annual Women’s and Children’s Health Update in February, 2019 by Dr Claire Kelly, Director of Curriculum at Mental Health First Aid Australia.