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NOACs – surgery and everything else

If you work in a truly general general practice you will no doubt be familiar with this scenario. The patient on a NOAC who is going for a dental procedure, cataract operation or arthroscopy.

Do they need to stop their NOAC? And if so, when and for how long?

Often there are more than a couple of opinions out there, with a lot of different considerations to take into account.

This resource, from none other than NSW Health’s Clinical Excellence Commission is a great definitive guide to all things anti-clotting, or more precisely all things NOACs.

The NOAC guidelines may not be particularly concise but they are fantastically comprehensive and will have the answer to almost any question you could have with regard this class of drugs or any of the individual drugs within this class..

In addition to information about different surgical procedures and when the NOAC should be stopped and recommenced, the guide also gives information about each individual agent, its interaction with other drugs and how it should be prescribed in individuals with other significant comorbidities such as chronic kidney disease.

These guidelines were last updated a couple of years ago but the information certainly still appears relevant and current. This is one site you might want keep handy, just as a support when nuancing modern day anti-coagulation management in the real world of general practice.


>> Access the resource here