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Plaster protectors

This resource is a little different to the usual guideline or website that is commonly discussed in this newsletter.

This is a product that was recommended by a number of patients and has the potential to really improve the quality of someone’s life.

Quite simply it’s a waterproof protector that goes over a patient’s plaster or dressing.

Called Blocc’s protectors, these covers are made of a type of rubber that stretches over the cast or dressing to make a waterproof seal. And apparently they are excellent at keeping the dressing or plaster dry.

The Blocc’s protectors come in both adult and children sizes and are available in short and full arm lengths, short and full leg lengths, as well as in sizes to cover both elbows and knees

You buy the products online, and although the product is originally from the UK the shipping is from Australia (ensuring that it doesn’t arrive just as the fracture has healed). According to the website most of the protectors are around the $50 mark and they last, even with constant use.

This sounds like a sales pitch I know, but this recommendation is completely independent. It is simply one of those resources that is worth knowing about.

Any GP who has seen their elderly patient battle with plastic bags and masking tape in an effort to avoid getting a wound wet in the shower, will appreciate  being able to suggest this product. Similarly any parent whose child breaks a bone right before the annual two week beach holiday will also be grateful for this recommendation.

Of course there may be other similar products available over the internet, however Blocc’s was the name of protector that has the personal recommendation from a number of very reputable people.

A good product to have up your sleeve (pardon the pun).

>> Access the resource here