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WHO can take what contraceptive

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has developed an app that is sure to prove valuable to health professionals who manage sexual and reproductive health as part of their clinical practice.

The ‘Medical eligibility criteria for contraceptive use’ app will help clinicians recommend safe, effective and acceptable contraception methods for women with medical conditions or particular characteristics that require individual consideration.

The app provides a framework for assessing the woman before commencing and then continuing to use nine common types of contraceptive methods. It also enables the prescriber to commence the assessment by entering the woman’s medical condition enabling the app to only present contraceptive options that are applicable to that individual. Users can also combine multiple conditions and receive guidance on each condition separately or in combination, perfect for those women with multiple co-morbidities.

There is also a special section on emergency contraception as part of the ‘Additional information’ section.

Basically it gives doctors an extra level of security in ensuring their advice and recommendations are going to a) work and b) be safe.

This free app is available for both Apple and Android devices.

WHO’s Medical eligibility criteria for contraceptive use app is a very easy and convenient resource to support best practice – that has to be a good thing.


>> Access the resource here