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‘Bad cholesterol’ is only as unhealthy as its composition

Low-density lipoproteins (LDL), the kind of cholseterol found in fast food, processed meats and desserts, has come to be known as ‘bad’ cholesterol due to it’s association with heart attacks and coronary disease.

Despite this, 75% of heart attacks occur in patients whose cholesterol levels don’t indicate they’re at high risk, leading many to suspect the link isn’t as simple as initially thought. Researchers at Ohio University may have just figured out why.

The team measured the concentration of LDL subclasses and found subclass B to have the worst effect on cardiovascular health, particularly when its concentration is high compared to subclasses A and I. It’s this measure that the researchers claim should be used to diagnose atherosclerosis and the risk of heart attack.

“Understanding this could lead to improving the accuracy of diagnosis for the evaluation of cardiovascular disease rates,” said lead researcher, Distinguished Professor Dr. Tadeusz Malinski. “Analyzing the mixture of LDL subclasses may provide a parameter-based model for an early medical diagnosis of estimating the risk of cardiovascular disease.”

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Source: Medical Xpress