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Menstrual cups found safe, as effective as other products

Although they have been available for decades, both awareness of and willingness to use menstrual cups remains low. Many women have concerns about effectiveness, comfort and above all safety compared to other products.

However, a new systematic review published in The Lancet Public Health journal has found no safety concerns with the product in terms of physiological damage or infection. Their comfort and effectiveness was comparable or better than other products, depending on the study.

Importantly, when familiarised with menstrual cups roughly 70% of research participants wanted to continue using them, suggesting that a key issue in their uptake is a lack of information and training.

The authors note that the quality of studies analysed was low due to the limited amount of research in the area. They also caution that potential uncommon issues cannot be excluded, such as potential complications of using menstrual cups in combination with IUDs.

Nevertheless, the economic and environmental benefits of the product has prompted the researchers to call for greater public awareness raising of menstrual cups as a safe and effective option.


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Source: EurekAlert!