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New portable monitor can detect ARDS

A portable breath monitor has been developed that is capable of quickly and accurately detecting acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). 

The development and testing of device, which is roughly the size of a shoebox, has been described in a paper in the journal Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry. 

Diagnosing and tracking ARDS is challenging, and current prediction tools are imprecise, according to the authors, who say this new device can diagnose ARDS with an accuracy of almost 90% in around 30 minutes. 

The researchers tested the device on 48 volunteers – 21 with ARDS – who were being treated at the University of Michigan hospital. 

The causes of ARDS include pneumonia, trauma, sepsis and aspiration, which can cause lungs to become inflamed and fill up with fluid, which in turn obstructs the passage of air. 

The device uses gas chromatography and can analyse nearly 100 molecules in exhaled breath to determine the presence of ARDS, how far advanced the condition is, and to monitor treatment progress after diagnosis, according to the paper. 

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Source: Medical News Today