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Nonsurgical treatment options effective for sinus issues

Chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) affects a small but significant proportion of the population, significantly decreases quality of life and is often resistant to treatment.

In severe cases it can lead to the growth of polyps in the nasal cavity, blocking nasal breathing and smell.

It’s in these cases that many patients are referred for sinus surgery, but a recent study led by a University of Cincinnati researcher may have shown that effective pharmacological treatment is possible in many cases.

The 60 participating patients with CRS and nasal polyps were treated with a short-course oral corticosteroid taper and topical intranasal corticosteroid irrigations. By the end of the study, half of the participants had well-controlled symptoms from this treatment alone.

This is the first study showing these results, but should they be replicated a rethink of severe CRS may be warranted.

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Source: Eurekalert!