Feedback Form - RACGP / Healthed


1. Please rate to what degree the learning outcomes of the program were met:

Not metPartially metEntirely met
Update management guidelines with recommendations for changes to clinical practices
Discuss new concepts, assessments, and management of common clinical issues and how these will impact clinical practice
Create improved management strategies, and safety systems in treatment plans
Evaluate the relative merits of treatment options and diagnostic tests to Ensure better patient care and safety

2. Please rate to what degree this CPD activity met your expectation about:

Current, contemporary, evidence-based, and relevant to general practice
Not metPartially metEntirely met
Engaging/interactive, eg with opportunity for questions and feedback
Not metPartially metEntirely met
Learning Management System is user friendly and easily navigated to achieve Learning Outcomes.
Not metPartially metEntirely met

3. Would you likely recommend this CPD activity to a colleague?

4. Would you likely change anything in your practice as a result of this CPD activity?