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Dr Bethany Boulton

A quick refresher on how to treat an asthma emergency.

Dr Linda Calabresi

While the latest COVID outbreaks do not appear to be filling up our ICU beds, a leading Australian expert suggests there will be consequences as more patients present with symptoms of long COVID

Dr Linda Calabresi
Fiona Clark

While the risks of unopposed oestrogen are widely acknowledged, important nuances can be missed...

Sophia Auld

PBS-listed drugs for CKD can slow deterioration by years, but early diagnosis is paramount...

Dr Philip Tong

A 48-year-old male presents with a papules coalescing into plaques over the nape of the neck

Dr Philip Tong

A 77-year-old male presents with a red crusted plaques on the face

Dr Philip Tong

A 77-year-old male presents with a solitary plaque on the leg

Dr Philip Tong

A 14-year-old female presents with hair loss

Ben Falkenmire

Can your patient remember what they just read? How cognitive tasks can inform antidepressant dosage

Dr Philip Tong

A 67-year-old woman presents with unusual longstanding dark patches on the back.