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Prostatectomy: Common GP questions

Urological surgeon Professor Henry Woo answers the most common questions that GPs have in relation to post-prostatectomy patients View more
Created on 10 August 2022

The Future of COVID – Prof Kristine Macartney

In this video Prof Kristine Macartney, Infectious Disease Specialist and Director of the National Centre for Immunisation Research ... View more
Created on 27 April 2022

Olive oil, Mediterranean diets and a new way to think about lipids and cardiovascular risk

This article details how and why a Mediterranean diet is effective for both primary and secondary prevention of ... View more
27 May 2022

We’ve Got Your Back: Current Management of Acute Low Back Pain

This article discusses the assessment and management of acute low back pain in general practice according to the ... View more
13 May 2022
Tuesday, 16th August 2022
  • COVID Update
  • Allergic and Non-Allergic Rhinitis – Practical Approach for GPs
  • Oral Contraception Update
  • The Role of GP in Post Prostate Cancer Care
Clinical Articles

Who’s doing what right now in general practice?

Do you ever feel general practice is just a bit over Covid? ... View more
18 May 2022
Clinical Articles

1 in 5 GPs switch from bulk billing to mixed billing

  Rising costs are to blame More Australian GPs are moving away from 100% bulk billing as ... View more
Felicity Nelson | Created on 09 August 2022
Clinical Articles

Chasing sleep with a newborn

  Sometimes new parents just need to know what’s normal when it comes to sleeping patterns in ... View more
Dr Linda Calabresi | Created on 09 August 2022
Clinical Articles

Queensland death rate may be due to lower booster uptake

  Poor booster coverage in Queensland may be driving a higher COVID death rate, suggests epidemiologist. Promoting ... View more
Dr Linda Calabresi | Created on 03 August 2022
Clinical Articles

A quarter of GPs feel burned out every day

  Feeling crushed by the relentless pandemic workload? Join the club. Two years of crisis after crisis ... View more
Felicity Nelson | Created on 28 July 2022