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A world-first way for family and friends to help a suicidal person

In this Healthed video, Clinical A/Prof David Horgan, will talk us through a world-first initiative of using text ... View more
Created on 21 July 2021

AMA president explains new CPD changes for GPs

Summary: AMA president explains the big change to the future of GP CPD. Many GPs have told us ... View more
Created on 26 May 2021

An Update on the Management of Type 2 Diabetes

This article provides an evidence-based update on new therapies available for the management of type 2 diabetes. Written ... View more
13 September 2021

Update on the Management of Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease

This article discusses the latest recommended assessment, investigation and treatment of GORD as is relevant in the primary ... View more
28 July 2021
Tuesday, 28th September 2021
  • COVID Update
  • Oral Contraception Masterclass Expert Panel – Advanced Prescribing, Common Questions, and Curly Cases
  • Oral Contraception Masterclass Lecture Part 1 – Physiology and Pharmacology of Oral Contraception
  • Oral Contraception Masterclass Lecture Part 2 – Basic and Intermediate Prescription of Oral Contraception
Clinical Articles

What GPs think of the prospect of a Medicare audit

  It is little wonder that most Australian GPs confess to feeling anxious at the prospect of ... View more
Dr Linda Calabresi | Created on 01 September 2021
Clinical Articles

Why do GPs fear the PSR?

  Receiving a personalised message from the PSR will not be any GP’s idea of a good ... View more
Dr Linda Calabresi | Created on 25 August 2021
Clinical Articles

Under-12s are increasingly catching COVID-19. How sick are they getting and when will we be able to vaccinate them?

Nicholas Wood, University of Sydney In July Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) provisionally approved the Pfizer COVID-19 ... View more
Created on 25 August 2021
Clinical Articles

If you’re going to mandate COVID vaccination at your workplace, here’s how to do it ethically

  Jane Williams, University of Sydney and Holly Seale, UNSW Compulsory COVID vaccination is in the ... View more
Created on 18 August 2021