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The Future of COVID – Prof Kristine Macartney

In this video Prof Kristine Macartney, Infectious Disease Specialist and Director of the National Centre for Immunisation Research ... View more
Created on 27 April 2022

Management of difficult-to-treat asthma – Dr Christopher Worsnop

How to approach patients who still have asthma symptoms despite treatment. It is not an uncommon scenario. The ... View more
Created on 18 December 2021

Olive oil, Mediterranean diets and a new way to think about lipids and cardiovascular risk

This article details how and why a Mediterranean diet is effective for both primary and secondary prevention of ... View more
27 May 2022

We’ve Got Your Back: Current Management of Acute Low Back Pain

This article discusses the assessment and management of acute low back pain in general practice according to the ... View more
13 May 2022
Tuesday, 5th July 2022
  • COVID Update
  • Perinatal Depression & Anxiety
  • DOAC Dosing in Special Situations – Renal Impairment, Liver Disease and Obesity
  • IV Iron Induced Hypophosphatemia and Osteomalacia - Cause for Concern?
Clinical Articles

Who’s doing what right now in general practice?

Do you ever feel general practice is just a bit over Covid? ... View more
18 May 2022
Clinical Articles

Pox shock! – Monkeypox

  Just when you thought we had had our fill of infectious diseases, along comes a virus ... View more
Dr Linda Calabresi | Created on 10 June 2022
Clinical Articles

Iron intake falls short among Australian infants

  Up to 90% of Australian infants, aged six to twelve months have a dietary iron intake ... View more
Dr Linda Calabresi | Created on 07 June 2022
Clinical Articles

The latest COVID vaccination facts

  As the world gets used to living with COVID, especially this latest infectious but not particularly ... View more
Dr Linda Calabresi | Created on 31 May 2022
Clinical Articles

Future Fathers’ Health Check

  Prior to trying to fall pregnant, many women now will go for a general health check. ... View more
Dr Linda Calabresi | Created on 25 May 2022