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Dr Philip Tong

A 47-year-old patient presents with a pigmented patch over the right abdomen that was previously biopsied as a benign lesion

Peter Breadon

Too many older Australians are missing out on recommended vaccinations for COVID, flu, shingles and pneumococcal that can protect them from serious illness, hospitalisation and even death.

Danielle O'Neal

Binge eating disorder often goes undiagnosed for more than a decade. Here's how to spot the signs and manage it...


Last year one in 10 GPs relied on it, but there’ll be no leniency this time around…

Prof Nathan Bartlett

The latest variant is nicknamed “FLuQE”, and is reportedly gaining traction in Australia and other countries. So what is there to know about FLuQE?

Lynnette Hoffman

GPs and pharmacists respond to last minute policy flip flop…

Dr Philip Tong

A 46-year-old woman presents with nail discolouration


If you haven't done your Professional Development Plan yet, you're not alone...

Dr Rebecca Reynolds

Poor body image can cause mental illness, here's how to help identify and support those who are struggling with it...

Lynnette Hoffman

AMD is the leading cause of irreversible vision loss and blindness, early identification is key...

Dr Samuel J. White

In our fast-paced world, convenience can often come at the cost of nutrition. This shift has led to an increased reliance on ultra-processed foods...

Dr Philip Tong

A 27-year-old patient presents with a widespread itch for six months and scale on hands