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Healthed Webcast - 25th June 2024

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Healthed webcasts are a valuable educational platform, allowing viewers to gain up-to-date clinical knowledge through an easy, time-efficient format. Our free online seminars fill a huge unmet need amongst GPs outside of the major cities for quality, accessible education. Each webcast features four lectures and runs for two hours. While the majority of viewers are GPs, our webcasts are relevant for healthcare professionals including pharmacists and nurses.

This fortnight’s speakers

The upcoming Healthed webcast features presentations from these leading experts

A/Prof Daryl Efron

Autism – A Primer for GPs

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Prof Ernest Somerville

Epilepsy & Driving – Navigating the Grey Areas

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Prof Adrian Esterman

COVID & Bird Flu Update – New Variants, New Vax Schedule, Antivirals

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Dr Mark Hohenberg

MCI - What Can GPs do About it?

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Featuring the latest clinical information and updates on areas relevant to your practice

Autism – A Primer for GPs
A/Prof Daryl Efron

So the parent presents with their pre-schooler saying they are concerned their child might have a problem? Could they be 'on the spectrum'? In this talk, Associate Professor Daryl Efron, provides the latest recommendations about where we go from here. He will give a clear outline about the most appropriate questions, investigations and assessment tools that can be used to help identify children likely to have autism spectrum disorder. In addition, he will recommend next steps in terms of referrals, management options and the role of the GP in supporting, monitoring and ensuring holistic care of these children and their families.

Epilepsy & Driving – Navigating the Grey Areas
Prof Ernest Somerville

The rules about driving and seizures appear fairly black and white, and in most cases they are. But as Professor Ernest Somerville will explain in this talk, there still exist a number of grey areas - grey areas that can be challenging, complicated or just confusing. Professor Somerville will detail some of these difficult areas and provide practical advice on issues such as where there's a history of provoked seizures (as opposed to unprovoked seizures), the different rules for commercial vs private licences, dealing with unreliable patients and patients who pressure the doctor to claim they are fit to drive when their history would suggest otherwise.

COVID & Bird Flu Update – New Variants, New Vax Schedule, Antivirals
Prof Adrian Esterman

Stay up-to-date on the new COVID variants and the vaccination schedule. In this lecture, Prof Adrian Esterman will explain the important role of the antivirals, their current indications and the crucial evidence that should guide your choice. Prof Esterman will also provide and update on the bird flu, and a useful summary of the available international and domestic COVID data, and take a look at new COVID variants and the vaccination schedule.

MCI - What Can GPs do About it?
Dr Mark Hohenberg

Mild cognitive impairment sits somewhere between normal age-related cognitive decline and dementia, but it is important to identify and distinguish it from the other conditions. As geriatrician, Dr Mark Hohenberg will explain, the importance of diagnosing mild cognitive impairment lies in the fact that often early intervention can be of help. From finding reversible causes to managing factors that can exacerbate or help alleviate the problem there are many opportunities for the managing clinician to improve outcomes for these patients. Dr Hohenberg will outline how.

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Healthed webcasts are a free resource for all healthcare professionals.