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Prof Sonia Grover

Prof Sonia Grover present a very logical framework to the assessment of these young women.

A/Prof Sof Andrikopoulos

A/Prof Sof Andrikopoulos addresses the role of lifestyle factors, in particular diet, in the management of both type 2 diabetes.

Dr Adam Straub

Dr Adam Straub addresses benzo dependency with real-world advice and evidence-based recommendations

Expert/s: Dr Adam Straub
Dr Urvashnee Singh

Dr Vash Singh presents the key features of binge eating disorder including the DSM-5 criteria for diagnosis.

Prof Ernest Somerville

Prof Ernest Somerville explains the challenging, complicated or just confusing grey areas.

A/Prof Daryl Efron

A/Prof Daryl Efron provides a clear outline to help identify children likely to have autism spectrum disorder.

Dr Mark Hohenberg

Dr Mark Hohenberg explains that early intervention often can help.

A/Prof Mark Green

A/Prof Mark Green gives an overview of the what, where and how endocrine disrupting chemicals are potentially influencing the health of young Australians.

A/Prof Jason Ong

A/Prof Jason Ong outlines the most relevant new recommendations to the assessment and management of sexually transmitted diseases.

A/Prof Jeremy Grummet

A/Prof Jeremy Grummet explains the recent major changes in routine practice.

Prof Dave Singh

Prof Dave Singh presents the key features to help identify those patients who need better control of their asthma.

Prof Andrew Sindone

Prof Andrew Sindone presents the case for including other health professionals in the care of patients with heart failure.