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Dr Dinukshi Daniels

Dental referral requires a sleep physician referral and a conversation with the dentist is required to obtain all necessary information...

A/Prof Alex Polyakov

A/Prof Alex Polyakov to discuss fibroids, including risk factors, management and treatment options, as well as impacts on fertility and pregnancy outcomes.

A/Prof Mark Green

A/Prof Mark Green gives an overview of the what, where and how endocrine disrupting chemicals are potentially influencing the health of young Australians.

A/Prof Jason Ong

A/Prof Jason Ong outlines the most relevant new recommendations to the assessment and management of sexually transmitted diseases.

A/Prof Jeremy Grummet

A/Prof Jeremy Grummet explains the recent major changes in routine practice.

Prof Dave Singh

Prof Dave Singh presents the key features to help identify those patients who need better control of their asthma.

Tara Hunter

The three key concepts are safety, choice and collaboration. Find out how this works and what resources are out there to support and help your patient...

Expert/s: Tara Hunter
Prof Marion Saville AM

Today's special podcast features two episodes on HPV self-collection in cervical screening + when to suspect and how to investigate for ovarian cancer. See the valuable resources recommended by our experts for your clinical practice.

Prof Andrew Sindone

Prof Andrew Sindone presents the case for including other health professionals in the care of patients with heart failure.

Prof Andrew Sindone

Prof Andrew Sindone explains that, diet, fluid restriction and exercise are just some of the areas that need addressing when managing heart failure patients according to best practice guidelines.

Dr Nomvuyo Mothobi

Dr Nomvuyo Mothobi brings us up to date on the current state of play of cervical screening in Australia.

Prof Finlay Macrae AO

Prof Finlay Macrae provides an update on the guidelines recommended for diagnosing coeliac disease and gluten sensitivity.