Clinical Takeaway

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Dr Dinukshi Daniels

Dental referral requires a sleep physician referral and a conversation with the dentist is required to obtain all necessary information...

Tara Hunter

The three key concepts are safety, choice and collaboration. Find out how this works and what resources are out there to support and help your patient...

Expert/s: Tara Hunter
A/Prof Jeremy Grummet

A/Prof Jeremy Grummet discusses the upcoming prostate-specific antigen (PSA) guidelines and benefits, and increasing the quality of patient care with current management options available.

Prof Shantha Wilson Rajaratnam

Dr David Lim interviews Prof Shantha Wilson Rajaratnam to discuss physiological processes that occur at certain times and sync with our external environment.

Dr Fiona Foo

Today's climate crisis is a health emergency. The burning of fossil fuels has caused global warming and further contributes to a range of direct and indirect health consequences in today's society.

Expert/s: Dr Fiona Foo
Dr Hilton Koppe

Dr Hilton Koppe discusses dementia risk factors, reducing risk, and improving confidence in managing dementia in GP.

A/Prof Daniel Novakovic

Hear from our expert panel on the topic of dysphonia and voice disorders in general practice, when to refer and how to manage patients with this condition...

A/Prof Mark Green

In the latest episode of The Clinical Takeaway, hear about recent developments regarding the effects of BPA plastics and health risks...

Dr Alexander Sweetman

Recognise that insomnia and sleep apnoea do frequently co-occur. This is roughly 40-50% of patients with either condition, will have both...

Dr Elizabeth Palmer

Dr Elizabeth Palmer discusses rare disease and managing common and individual issues that make them difficult to identify. GP resources included for your clinical practice...

Dr Alok Gupta

As a general rule do not fear protein in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). Highly processed carbohydrates are causing insulin resistance through uric acid pathway...

Expert/s: Dr Alok Gupta
Dr Anthony Hull

Climate change is the single biggest health threat of this century. The evidence is in. How can the healthcare industry re-evaluate its processes and effectively combat climate change...