Women’s & Children’s Health

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A/Prof Alex Polyakov

A/Prof Alex Polyakov to discuss fibroids, including risk factors, management and treatment options, as well as impacts on fertility and pregnancy outcomes.

Prof Marion Saville AM

Today's special podcast features two episodes on HPV self-collection in cervical screening + when to suspect and how to investigate for ovarian cancer. See the valuable resources recommended by our experts for your clinical practice.

A/Prof Alex Polyakov

A/Prof Alex Polyakov provides insights into the legal determination of the Alabama Supreme Court that the rights of a frozen embryo were equivalent to those of a liveborn child, and considerations of research and future policy.

Susan McLean

Susan McLean, a cyber safety expert, discusses the recognisable online sexual abuse signs and symptoms in young patients, and specific features of online grooming.

Expert/s: Susan McLean
A/Prof Alex Polyakov

In this podcast, A/Prof Alex Polyakov discusses the new treatment option for endometriosis.

Prof Helena Teede AM

In the third and final episode of this series on PCOS, Prof Helena Teede AM discusses treatment, PCOS guidelines and optimal management of the condition...

Dr Anju Joham

Dr Anju Joham & Dr Chau Thien (Jillian) Tay discuss the clinical features of PCOS diagnosis, inlcuding pregnancy and long-term health impacts.

Dr Samantha Sundercombe

Dr Samantha Sundercombe answers your most pressing questions regarding reproductive screening. These were compiled by GPs and health professionals around Australia.

Dr Clare Boerma

The following questions were compiled by GPs and health professionals around Australia. Expert, Dr Clare Boerma answers these pressing questions in today's podcast.

Dr Emi Khoo

Many factors make adolescent females vulnerable to iron deficiency. Listen to the biological pathways responsible for the impact of iron deficiency on mood, fatigue and performance...

Expert/s: Dr Emi Khoo
Prof Sonia Grover

What can cause menstrual pain and how to explain this to a young patient, as well as the ‘red-flags’ which might suggest a need for investigation or referral in a young women presenting with dysmenorrhoea...

Prof Rod Baber

The questions answered in this podcast are listed below. They were compiled by GPs and health professionals around Australia.

Expert/s: Prof Rod Baber