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Dr Lisa Nicole Sharwood

Injuries are the leading cause of disability and death among Australian children and adolescents...

August Nilsson

In March 2024 Finland was, for the seventh year in a row, ranked as the happiness champion. But a new experimental study suggests that the ladder metaphor makes people think about power and wealth...

Dr Amanda Cole

Globally, one out of every eight people report a mental illness. In Australia, one in five people experience a mental illness in their lifetime...

Annie Margaret

Many people have compared the addictive nature of social media to cigarettes.

Adjunct Professor Karleen Gribble

Parents are often faced with well-meaning opinions and conflicting advice about what to feed their babies. The latest guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO) and current Australian advice is no exception...

Ian Hamilton

There has been a significant rise in deaths linked to the commonly prescribed anxiety drug, pregabalin...

A/Prof Katie Attwell

Months after COVID vaccines were introduced in 2021, governments and private organisations mandated them for various groups. Health and aged care workers were among the first to need two doses to keep their jobs.

John Worthington

A middle-aged man from Florida with a history of migraines saw his GP. After the CT scan, something alarming was revealed: his brain was infested with tapeworm cysts...

Dr Alison Poulton

Many Australians with ADHD who take Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine dimesilate) are facing a medication crisis. The drug has been in short supply in Australia for the past few months...

A/Prof Christopher Blyth

All WA babies under eight months old, as well as those aged eight to 19 months at increased risk of severe RSV infection, will be eligible for monoclonal antibodies.

Dr Ziyad Al-Aly

From the very early days of the pandemic, brain fog emerged as a significant health condition that many experience after COVID-19.

A/Prof Becky Freeman

With the rapid rise in youth vaping and the subsequent implementation of several reforms to restrict access to vaping products, it’s not entirely surprising the tobacco industry is introducing more products to maintain its future revenue stream.