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Dr Jennifer Lacy-Nichols

When we looked for details of who’s lobbying whom in Australia, we found government lobbyist registers largely left us in the dark...

Lynnette Hoffman

The tripled bulk billing incentive came into effect on Wednesday, but will it result in real change? A survey of frontline GPs has identified three problems with the policy...

Prof Ben White

The first Australian Capital Territory voluntary assisted dying bill in more than 25 years was tabled in parliament yesterday. What does this breakthrough mean for practice?


Almost since antibiotics were first discovered, we’ve been aware bacteria can learn how to overcome these medicines, a phenomenon known as antimicrobial resistance.

Neena Bhandari

HIV is more preventable and treatable than ever, here’s what GPs need to know…

Dr Chantrell Frazier

From the aroma of fresh-cut grass to the smell of a loved one, you encounter scents in every part of your life. Not only are you constantly surrounded by odor, you’re also producing it. And it is so distinctive that it can be used to tell you apart from everyone around you.

Dr Rachael Sharman

A recent Beyond Blue survey of more than 2,000 teachers identified mental ill-health and excessive screen time as the biggest problems facing their students.

Dr Sasha Taylor

Menopause is the stage of life where the ovaries stop releasing eggs and menstrual periods cease. Most Australian women go through menopause between 45 and 55 years of age, with the average age being 51 years, although some women may be younger.

Dr Michelle Boyle

In what was very big news for global health, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has recommended a new vaccine for the prevention of malaria in children, called R21/Matrix-M.

Prof Christopher Rozell

It can be challenging to create a treatment plan for depression. This is especially true for patients who aren’t responding to conventional treatments and are undergoing experimental therapies such as deep brain stimulation. For most medical conditions, doctors can directly measure the part of the body that is being treated, such as blood pressure for cardiovascular disease. These measurable changes serve as an objective biomarker of recovery that provides valuable information about how to care for these patients.

Prof Viren Swami

Demand for cosmetic procedures is higher than ever. From breast augmentations to “tweakments” such as lip fillers and Botox, more and more people around the world each year are undergoing procedures to change how they look.


The story behind the discovery that made COVID-19 mNRA vaccines possible…