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Peter Breadon

Too many older Australians are missing out on recommended vaccinations for COVID, flu, shingles and pneumococcal that can protect them from serious illness, hospitalisation and even death.


Last year one in 10 GPs relied on it, but there’ll be no leniency this time around…

Prof Nathan Bartlett

The latest variant is nicknamed “FLuQE”, and is reportedly gaining traction in Australia and other countries. So what is there to know about FLuQE?


Lack of demand blamed for decision to stop selling 150 and 300mcg strengths in Australia…

Dr Nikki Crowley

A neurobiologist explains how research on alcohol use disorder has shifted...

Lynnette Hoffman

Will GLP-1 restrictions save us from a cost-blowout, or come back to bite us down the road...

Sarah Wilson

A landmark legal settlement has once again focused our attention on the dangers of “forever chemicals”...

Ian A. Wright

The contaminants found in our drinking water are the same ones United States authorities warn can cause cancer over a long period of time, with reports warning there is “no safe level of exposure”.

A/Prof Lesley Russell

The Albanese government and the Pharmacy Guild of Australia have this week signed the eighth Community Pharmacy Agreement, which will come into effect on July 1.

Peter Baldwin

In this year’s budget, the government announced one of the biggest changes to the mental health system in two decades: a digital early intervention service to relieve Australians’ early psychological distress before it builds into mental illness.

Sophia Auld

GPs already regularly encounter distressed patients who’ve misinterpreted their pathology and imaging – they fear the new policy will make things much worse.

Prof Raina MacIntyre

Here’s what we know so far...