Autism Activism Masks Uncomfortable Truths

Debate over the soaring rate of autism often misses the most fundamental issue.

After a long history in the shadows, autism has emerged as the 21st century epidemic with a compelling human rights angle and no quick fix.

In line with soaring diagnosis rates around the globe, Australian figures for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) doubled in the six years to 2009, doubled again in the three years to 2012, and are now estimated at 230,000, or 1% of the population.

But this is also the era of a rising autism rights movement, with activists pushing back against the notion that ‘neuro-diverse’ individuals need to be taught to conform and hide tell-tale behaviours.

“We are living at a very exciting time – a time of great hope for autistic people and their families,” US science writer Steve Silberman told a World Autism Day event at the UN in New York earlier this month… Read More>>

Source: Julie Lambert via Medical Republic

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