COVID-19 and eating disorders

Social distancing and self-isolation is creating a ‘perfect storm’ for those at risk of eating disorders during the coronavirus pandemic, say experts.

A rise in calls for help from those living with or at risk of developing eating disorders since the COVID-19 shutdown began is being reported, according to an ABC Online report.

Eating disorders thrive on isolation because when everything else is out of control, the one thing sufferers feel they can control is food, exercise, and their bodies.

The Butterfly Foundation is among those organisations noting an increase in calls to its helpline and chat service, and its health clinician Amelia Trinick said food availability and routine had been particularly distressing aspects of the pandemic for those struggling with eating disorders.

“It can really disrupt the shopping schedule or a routine that they might have,” she said. “Where somebody else would be able to switch their thinking and maybe grab something else off the shelf instead, for somebody with disordered eating that can be quite distressing.”

She says the foundation has requested that the major supermarkets add people with eating disorders to the list of vulnerable people given priority to products.

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Source: ABC News

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