Surgeons Trained on Living Animals Save Lives

In emergencies, surgeons, whose training has been as realistic as possible, can make the difference between life and death.

Like it or not, the use of live animals in surgical training saves lives.

There are many qualities of the highly trained surgeon that are easy to identify. We must be sensitive, compassionate, intelligent, proficient and, of course, technically skilled. When a patient is walking the line between life and death, however, it is the latter qualities that are most important.

If injured on the suburban or military battlefield, it may be myself or one of my trauma colleagues who have to stem the flow of blood from your circulation, create an airway for your lungs, or relieve the pressure inside your skull. I hope you never have to experience that trauma care, but for those of you who need it, how well do you want your surgeon to be trained? … Read More>>

Source: John Cunningham via The Sydney Morning Herald

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