Frequently asked questions

We’ve compiled a list of common questions that will help you navigate and use the Healthed online learning platform.

Where can I see the full terms & conditions?

You can access the full Terms & Conditions for Healthed here.

What are the CPD requirements for GPs?

Each year doctors are required to complete 50 hours of continuing professional development (CPD). This is broken down into three categories; Educational Activities (EA), Reviewing Performance (RP) and Measuring Outcomes (MO). The 50 hours is broken down like this:

  • Minimum 12.5 hours Educational Activities (EA)
  • Minimum 5 hours Reviewing Performance (RP)
  • Minimum 5 hours Measuring Outcomes (MO)
  • A further 15 hours of either Reviewing Performance (RP) or Measuring Outcomes (MO)
  • A further 12.5 hours of any CPD type, either Educational Activities (EA), Reviewing Performance (RP) or Measuring Outcomes (MO)

For more information, please visit the RACGP website. 

When will Healthed upload my CPD hours for the activities I have completed?

For our live seminars, please allow up to four weeks for Healthed to confirm attendance and lodge your CPD hours with the RACGP and/or ACRRM. A statement of attendance will be emailed approx. four weeks after completing the activity. For our fortnightly webcasts, please allow up to two weeks to confirm attendance and lodge CPD hours. A certificate of completion will be emailed approx. four weeks after completing the activityIf you have also completed the multiple choice questions for 0.5 Reviewing Performance (RP) hours, you will receive two separate certificates. 

For online modules, CPD hours will be uploaded for modules that have been accredited with RACGP and ACRRM in approx 4 weeks. More information about CPD is provided within the modules.

Do you upload CPD for AMA CPD Home subscribers?

No, we are currently not uploading CPD hours for AMA CPD Home subscribers, however members are able to self-claim with their certificate/s of completion.   

Do you offer any activities in the Measuring Outcomes (MO) category?

Yes, we currently have our Dementia Prevention in Primary Care – Mini Audit activity that will earn you the minimum required 5 Measuring Outcomes (MO) hours, including 1 Reviewing Performance (RP) hour + 0.5 Educational Activities (EA) hours.  

How can I earn CPD in the Reviewing Performance (RP) category?

You can earn CPD in the RP category through our free hybrid learning modules, registering and watching our fortnightly webcasts, which includes an MCQ component for 0.5 RP hours, and completing an additional quiz activity for 4 RP hours if you register and attend one of our yearly live seminars.