Frequently asked questions

We’ve compiled a list of common questions that will help you navigate and use the Healthed online learning platform.

How do I use the Healthed website?

The Healthed learning platform allows healthcare professionals to easily earn CPD hours by accessing a vast library of educational resources. Users can also track their learning on the CPD Dashboard and download a record of learning on the CPD History page.

What is the CPD Tracker?

Each year doctors are required to complete 50 hours of continuing professional development (CPD). This is broken down into three categories; Educational Activities (EA), Reviewing Performance (RP) and Measuring Outcomes (MO). The CPD Tracker gives a visual representation of the hours earned towards this annual 50 hour requirement. 

How do I access a record of my learning?

At any time you can access a record of the learning you’ve undertaken with Healthed. Navigate to the CPD Dashboard and from there you can access your CPD History. Choose to filter the table, or download without filters for a full export of your learning. 

Where can I see the full terms & conditions?

You can access the full Terms & Conditions for Healthed here.

What are the CPD requirements for GPs?

Each year doctors are required to complete 50 hours of continuing professional development (CPD). This is broken down into three categories; Educational Activities (EA), Reviewing Performance (RP) and Measuring Outcomes (MO). The 50 hours is broken down like this:

  • Minimum 12.5 hours Educational Activities (EA)
  • Minimum 5 hours Reviewing Performance (RP)
  • Minimum 5 hours Measuring Outcomes (MO)
  • A further 15 hours of either Reviewing Performance (RP) or Measuring Outcomes (MO)
  • A further 12.5 hours of any CPD type, either Educational Activities (EA), Reviewing Performance (RP) or Measuring Outcomes (MO)
How do I claim CPD for education I undertake on the Healthed website?

It’s easy! On every educational resource that’s eligible for CPD there is an orange ‘Claim CPD’ button. Click this and follow the prompts to claim your CPD. 

Will Healthed lodge my hours with my CPD home?

If you’re an RACGP member the Healthed education team will lodge CPD earned on the Healthed learning platform on your behalf. For ACRRM and AMA CPD Home you can download the Healthed CPD History Statement and use it to self-claim your learning. 

Some of my learning is missing?

The Healthed CPD Platform was launched in May 2024. Learning completed in 2024 prior to this date will be systematically added to your profile. Given the importance of accurately reflecting CPD learning for GPs and healthcare professionals, please bear with us as this is a large undertaking that we are committed to doing correctly.

My CPD isn’t being lodged to the RACGP?

In order for your CPD to be lodged with the RACGP you will need to have populated your Healthed profile with your RACGP number, and confirmed RACGP as your CPD home by ticking the appropriate box on your Healthed profile.  


What happens after they fill their RACGP no – how to we backdate all activities they have done prior to filling in their RACGP or do we not? – NP [GU1]

How do I access my tracked CPD?

You can navigate to your CPD Dashboard to see a snapshot of the CPD you’ve completed with Healthed. This is accessed by clicking the button in the top right corner of the website, next to your name. From there select CPD Dashboard from the dropdown menu. To access more detailed records you can use the submenu on the left of the CPD Dashboard to navigate to your CPD History.

What can I do on the Healthed CPD Platform?

You are able to access fortnightly webcasts, complete additional CPD following face-to-face seminars you attend, listen to podcasts, watch videos, read articles and more. You can earn, claim and track CPD for many of these items, including podcasts.

I don’t understand how to claim CPD?

On educational content found on the Healthed CPD Platform you will see icons relating to the CPD available for that content. Next to each icon will be a number of hours or minutes that can be claimed for that piece of education. To claim the CPD and add it to your profile, click the orange ‘Claim CPD’ button, and then confirm you wish to claim that CPD by clicking ‘Confirm & claim’.

When will my CPD be lodged with RACGP?

For most activities the Healthed CPD Team will lodge CPD with the RACGP once a month, or within four weeks of the completion of the activity. Please allow this amount of time for the CPD to be marked as lodged in your CPD Tracker. 

Do you lodge CPD with ACRRM, AMA, or other CPD Homes?

At the moment webcast and seminar attendance is lodged with ACRRM. The optional post-webcast and seminar quizzes and Micro Audits are also lodged with ACRRM. No CPD is lodged for AMA or other CPD Homes at this stage.

When will the Healthed CPD Platform be able to lodge CPD with ACRRM?

Healthed already lodges some CPD with ACRRM, including webcast and seminar attendance quiz completion and Micro Audits. Making other CPD available to be lodged with ACRRM is high on the priority list. You are encouraged to ensure your ACRRM number is provided on your Healthed profile, along with selecting ACRRM as a CPD Home.

Can nurses use the Healthed CPD Platform?

Yes. Nurses can use the Healthed CPD Platform to track the CPD they have earned with Healthed. Please note, the CPD Tracker pie chart is designed to reflect the requirements for GPs, however the PDF download available will provide an accurate record of learning for nurses to use in their documentation.

How can I get a record of all my learning that I’ve completed with Healthed?

On the CPD History page (found on the CPD Dashboard) you will see a button that says Download CPD Statement (PDF). You can use the filters to refine your download, or not add any filters to download a full record of your learning. This can be used to assist in your own documentation of your CPD.

Can I have more than one CPD Home selected in my Healthed profile?

Yes. We understand some GPs might be a member of more than one CPD Home. As such, if you select more than one CPD Home, Healthed will lodge your CPD with all CPD Homes you’ve selected. It is up to you to ensure your records are accurate.

My hours don’t match how much learning I think I’ve done with Healthed?

You may have completed learning with Healthed using multiple accounts. If that’s the case, your CPD could be spread across several Healthed profiles. It’s important to always use the same account to access the Healthed CPD Platform.

Can I access my learning dashboard through the app?

At this stage, your CPD Dashboard is only available on the Healthed website, which you can access on your desktop or mobile device. We have plans to roll out the CPD Dashboard to the Healthed mobile application in the future, but it is not currently available.

I’ve completed a new module. When will it appear on my CPD Dashboard?

Some of the learning completed on the Healthed CPD Platform will appear instantly on your CPD Dashboard when you complete it. For example, when you listen to a podcast and claim the CPD for listening, that will show on your CPD Dashboard straight away. Other learning, such as webcasts, on-demand learning, and seminar attendance, is manually added. Please allow up to four weeks for CPD to appear on your profile.