Healthed work with a team of general practitioners and medical professionals to ensure the highest quality education​

Associate Professor Warwick Teague DPhil Oxford, FRACS, FRCSEd A/Prof Warwick Teague is Director of Trauma, Clinical Lead for Burns, and Academic Paediatric Surgeon at The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne. Warwick is active in discovery science and clinical research, building on the expertised gained from a DPhil from the University of Oxford. He is Co-group Leader of Surgical Research within the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Melbourne, and his clinical research interests focus mostly on paediatric trauma care, epidemiology and prevention. Within the State of Victoria, Warwick is a member of various trauma and injury prevention focused committees for the government, Kidsafe Victoria, WorkSafe Victoria and Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, and he chairs the Victorian State Trauma Registry Monitoring (VSTORM) Steering Committee. Nationally an internationally, Warwick is considered a leader and key advocate in the fields of paediatric major trauma care and childhood injury prevention. Warwick has engaged widely with media and community groups to promote practical steps towards safer and healthier childhoods for all our children.
Scientia Professor Rebecca Ivers AM FAHMS FRSN is Head, School of Population Health, UNSW Sydney, and Honorary Professorial Fellow at the George Institute for Global Health. Ivers leads a global research program focusing on the prevention and management of injury, and delivery of efficient, equitable health care. Her work has a strong focus on equity, implementation, sustainability and capacity development.
Injury Epidemiologist, Health Services Researcher dabbling in economic analyses as well. PhD in Medicine/Public Health. Well travelled and experienced across developed and developing nations in traumatic injury management. I sit on two Australian Standards committees – Playground Equipment and Surfacing, and Indoor Trampoline Facilities. I have over 25 years of experience in injury management, injury causation analysis, injury prevention and injury outcomes analysis within health services. I have specialised in the use of administrative data (big data) to explore all of these issues, and also consult as Expert Witness in matters of injury litigation covering my expertise. I am a Critical Care RN, qualified with a Masters Degree in Public Health, PhD in Public Health/Epidemiology and am currently completing a Masters Degree in Health Data Science.
Dr Amanda Cole is ECU’s Lead Mental Health, and project Lead on the implementation of The Living Room at ECU. Dr Cole, in her role as Lead Mental Health is responsible for leading whole-of-institution student mental health initiatives to promote and support a mentally healthy learning and work environment. Amanda is a registered teacher, and a registered nurse of twenty years, who has worked in a variety of clinical areas, with her specialty in the area of mental health. Amanda’s previous role was as the Director of Undergraduate Nursing Studies, and Bachelor Of Science (Nursing) Course Coordinator in the School of Nursing and Midwifery. Dr Cole is the Chair of the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses Education and Accreditation Committee. Amanda’s other areas of interest and research are in teaching and learning innovation, student wellbeing and success, and families living with mental illness.
Happiness and personality through the lens of language. How are you? You probably ask this question many times a day, and most of the times, the answers are not through numbers, but through words. Using modern Language AI techniques, such as Large Language Models (LLM; the type of models behind chatbots such as ChatGPT) and Topic modelling, I research how the Language we use can help us understand happiness and personality. Specific happiness related subjects I research include everyday activities, alcohol consumption, and happiness definitions. For personality, I have worked with the Assessment of implicit motives through LLMs and the personality assessments of LLMs on social media. I did graduate school at Lund University, was a predoc at the University of Pennsylvania, and I am doing my PhD at Oslo Metropolitan University. I do several research projects with The World Well-Being Project, allocated at Stony Brook University, University of Pennsylvania, and Stanford University.
Originally a Registered Nurse and Midwife, Louise has worked as a Snr Health Promotion Officer with NSW Health for the past 28 years. With qualifications in Health Promotion, Social Work and Adaptive Leadership, she has a passion for people, and for ensuring everyone’s voice is heard. Throughout her career in Health Promotion, she has received State and National recognition for her work in developing innovative programs and community partnerships in the fields of drug use, and reducing stigma and discrimination. Louise is married with two adult children and has lived with a voice disorder since 2006. She has been passionate about providing support for others impacted by the life changing impacts of dysphonia, and has been the Australian National Co-ordinator for World Voice Day since 2013.
Judith has more than 30 years’ experience and expertise in the fields of Speech Pathology and the performing arts. As a speech pathologist she specialises in the area of voice and voice disorders. She has experience in both the private and public sectors, including work as clinical voice specialist at St Vincent’s Hospital Darlinghurst where she provided assessment and treatment of patients with a wide range of complex voice disorders and was responsible for a weekly multidisciplinary voice clinic providing a state-wide diagnostic service. She also provided state-wide consultation to other Speech Pathologists regarding management of dysphonia and has given workshops and seminars on healthy voice use to singers and teachers. She delivered the voice and voice disorders undergraduate course at Sydney University in 2018, and has taught counselling for speech pathologists at Macquarie University since 2012, as part of their Masters programme. Judith is passionate about the wonders of the human voice and is keen to help people to avoid developing problems through lack of understanding of how to use it well. Judith has served on the Australian Voice Association board as Secretary and Vice-President before joining the Board of ADN in 2018.
Dr Daniel Novakovic is an Australian trained Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon with Internationl subspecialty training in the fields of Laryngology/Neurtolaryngology and Care of the Professional Voice. He is head of the ENT department at Canterbury Hospital, Sydney Local Health District. He is appointed as Associate Professor at Central Clinical School and Director of the Dr Liang Voice Program, Facuty of Medicine and Health University of Sydney
Dr Ginni Mansberg is a GP in Sydney and a well known celebrity doctor in Australia. Dr Mansberg has a special interest in women’s health, and menopause and has published several books on menopause.
Dr Caitlin Jones is a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Sydney, Sydney Musculoskeletal Health. Her research evaluates the benefits and harms of treatments for musculoskeletal conditions, with a particular focus on opioid medicines.
Adrian Traeger is an NHMRC Early Career fellow at the Institute for Musculoskeletal Health, a division of the School of Public Health, The University of Sydney. He is a physiotherapist who has worked in primary care for over 10 years. He completed his doctorate at NeuRA, UNSW, which focused on how best to reassure patients with low back pain. Adrian’s postdoctoral research focus is on developing strategies to improve healthcare for low back pain and other musculoskeletal conditions. He is currently investigating ways to reduce unnecessary diagnostic imaging for low back pain. Other interests include overdiagnosis and overtreatment, communicating research evidence to healthcare consumers, and evidence-based practice.
Ian Harris is Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at UNSW. He is a practicing orthopaedic surgeon specialising in trauma surgery and lectures nationally and internationally on the orthopaedic treatment of fractures. He directs a research unit specialising in surgical outcomes and the evidence base for surgery. He is author of the book Surgery, the Ultimate Placebo in which he highlights the overestimation of effectiveness of surgery and the reasons behind this.