Dr Raelia Lew


Dr Raelia Lew was raised in Melbourne and completed her Medical degree at Monash University. She graduated with Honours in 2004, and later trained as a Gynaecologist and Obstetrician at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney. Dr Lew completed her Masters of Medicine in Reproductive Health Science and Human Genetics at The University of Sydney in 2009 and PHD in Preconception Health Promotion and Reproductive Genetics in 2016. Dr Lew's PhD research was commenced at the University of Sydney and completed in Cambridge, UK. Preconception Genetic carrier Screening and applying IVF for the purposes of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis remains as her passion, as helping couples affected by or carrying the risk of genetic disease to have healthy babies is one of the greatest miracles of IVF treatment.


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The Clinical Takeaway: Fertility Update, AMH Testing Direct to Consumer

Dr Raelia Lew | Created on 07 December 2020
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