Delaney, Danielle

Dr Danielle Delaney

Urologist: North Shore Private Hospital, The Castlecrag Private Hospital; VMO, Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick
Danielle is a fully accredited Urologist having completed her medical training at the University of Sydney and the Northern Clinical School (Royal North Shore Hospital). Danielle developed a passion for Paediatric Urology and spent several years in Paediatric and General surgery training throughout metropolitan and rural NSW prior to commencing her formal Urology training in Victoria.
Danielle has recently opened a The Yellow Spot Clinic which provides multi-disciplinary children’s continence care on Sydney’s lower north shore. This is a GP led service for children with daytime urinary incontinence and nocturnal enuresis. Danielle operates privately at North Shore Private Hospital and The Castlecrag Private Hospital. She is also a VMO at Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick where both public and private paediatric patients can be admitted.

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