Musker, Michael

Dr Michael Musker

Senior Research Fellow, South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute
Dr Michael Musker has 30 years practice experience in mental health nursing, and has written publications on the genetics of depression, bullying, and precision medicine in depression. He arrived in Australia in 2001 and was employed as a Lecturer in Forensic Mental Health for the University of Adelaide. Mike has led on a number of research projects on depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, bullying, and mental health disorders. He completed his PhD at the University of Adelaide whilst working as the Advanced Clinical Services Coordinator of the Forensic Mental Health Service of South Australia. The research training focused on perpetrator induced traumatic stress and included interviewing forensic mental health patients and prisoners about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other comorbid disorders. He is currently a senior research fellow in the Mental Health and Wellbeing team at South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute.

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