Jamie Feusner

Professor of Psychiatry and Clinician Scientist at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, University of Toronto
Feusner’s research program seeks to understand perceptual and emotional processing phenotypes across conditions involving body image and obsessions/compulsions, including body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), eating disorders, and OCD. He also studies gender identity, own body perception, and the effects of hormone treatments in individuals with gender dysphoria. He published the first functional neuroimaging studies in BDD and the first studies to directly compare the neurobiology of BDD to anorexia nervosa. He has also investigated neurometabolites and brain connectivity in OCD, including predictors of acute and long-term treatment response to cognitive-behavioral therapy. Feusner’s neuroscience research utilizes functional (fMRI and EEG), structural neuroimaging (sMRI and DTI), and psychophysical testing to understand the brain. He has also created novel digital applications to assess and quantify perceptual distortions of appearance, and affective and interoceptive experiences, to be used across mobile and other platforms for research and clinical purposes.

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