Lauren Atkins

Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian; Accredited Nutritionist; Co-Founder, Co-Director, OnCore Nutrition
Lauren has over ten years’ experience in cancer care, managing all tumour types across all adult and paediatric age groups. She worked as a senior oncology dietitian at Peter Mac for close to 10 years, as well as working as a paediatric dietitian at the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne before leading the team of dietitians at Epworth Freemasons. She is passionate about applying her knowledge food elements, nutrients and eating patterns to prevent, manage and recover from cancer and a range of other health conditions. She has a passion for nurturing you from the inside out and is committed to supporting you to tailor your lifestyle to feel the best version of yourself. She is passionate and experienced with the management of gastrointestinal disorders, including those related to surgical or anatomical changes, cancer treatment and other medical interventions, functional gut disorders and irritable bowel syndrome. She takes a holistic approach to managing your symptoms and gut health. Lauren is a member of the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia Nutrition Group Executive Committee and has been recognised for her expertise in nutritional management of adolescent and young adult cancer care and cancer care planning at a national level. She provides education, research and training to Deakin University, University of Melbourne and Swinburne University.

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