Dr Rebecca Moore


Rebecca works as a Perinatal Psychiatrist in London, dealing with infertility, pregnancy loss, anxiety, depression, OCD and trauma. She’s got experience spanning over twenty years. She developed a particular interest in birth trauma, which led to founding the annual Birth Trauma Conference and Make Birth Better with Emma in 2018. “I have the luxury of working with women all through their pregnancies and beyond. I personally had a really tough pregnancy with hyperemesis, a huge risk factor for birth trauma. And there was a real lack of kindness in my birth. I passionately believe that many of the most important skills are being lost in medicine due to the pressures on the system and burnt out medical staff. I believe that kindness, time and dignity matter very much. What we are building at Make Birth Better is a powerful collective of amazing parents and professionals. We are all equal in this. Together, we must be loud and bold. Birth can, and must be, better. No second best. No excuses. ”


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The Clinical Takeaway: Medicinal cannabis for mental illness

Dr Rebecca Moore | Created on 06 December 2021
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