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Dr Lisa Nicole Sharwood
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Injuries are the leading cause of disability and death among Australian children and adolescents...

Susan McLean
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Susan McLean, a cyber safety expert, discusses the recognisable online sexual abuse signs and symptoms in young patients, and specific features of online grooming.

Expert/s: Susan McLean
Adjunct Professor Karleen Gribble
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Parents are often faced with well-meaning opinions and conflicting advice about what to feed their babies. The latest guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO) and current Australian advice is no exception...

A/Prof Mark Green
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In the latest episode of The Clinical Takeaway, hear about recent developments regarding the effects of BPA plastics and health risks...

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GP survey reveals strong views and important nuances...

Expert/s: Healthed
A/Prof Hannah Wechkunanukul
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Why do so many migrants wait so long to seek help or go to hospital after chest pain - and what can we do about it?

Ian Hamilton
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There has been a significant rise in deaths linked to the commonly prescribed anxiety drug, pregabalin...

A/Prof Katie Attwell
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Months after COVID vaccines were introduced in 2021, governments and private organisations mandated them for various groups. Health and aged care workers were among the first to need two doses to keep their jobs.

Lynnette Hoffman
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The public wants to reduce their risk of dementia, but many don't even know it's possible, let alone where to start...

Dr Anthony Hull
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Climate change is the single biggest health threat of this century. The evidence is in. How can the healthcare industry re-evaluate its processes and effectively combat climate change...

A/Prof Becky Freeman
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With the rapid rise in youth vaping and the subsequent implementation of several reforms to restrict access to vaping products, it’s not entirely surprising the tobacco industry is introducing more products to maintain its future revenue stream.

Dr Fiona Foo
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Today's climate crisis is a health emergency. Human influence in particular the burning of fossil fuels has caused global warming (global boiling) and causes a range of direct and indirect health consequences in today's society.

Expert/s: Dr Fiona Foo