Prof Sonia Grover
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In this Healthed lecture, Prof Sonia Grover advises how to best assess and categorise the various symptoms and signs of paediatric and adolescent vulval disorders.

Dr Jennifer McCann
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Toddler milk is popular and becoming more so. Just over a third of Australian toddlers drink it. Parents spend hundreds of millions of dollars on it globally...

A/Prof Christopher Blyth
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All WA babies under eight months old, as well as those aged eight to 19 months at increased risk of severe RSV infection, will be eligible for monoclonal antibodies.

Sophia Auld
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Functional abdominal pain in children is very common. It's often self-limiting, and the cause is rarely serious, but the pain is as real as a gut punch...

Expert/s: Sophia Auld
Dr Cher McGillivray
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Problems with focus and impulse control can be common developmental stages through which children and adolescents naturally progress.

Xanthe Mallett
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One in six (or 15.1% of) Australian men aged over 18 recently surveyed said they had sexual feelings for a child or teen younger than 18 years. This data was part of a study by UNSW Sydney and Jesuit Social Services. Researchers asked 1,945 men about their attraction to children via an online recruitment process.

Expert/s: Xanthe Mallett
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This value-packed online learning module features a high-quality educational programme presented by leading experts focusing on practical clinical issues you face daily.

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Concerns include risk taking behaviour, mental wellbeing, academic decline...

Expert/s: Healthed
A/Prof Deshan Sebaratnam
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In this Product Explainer Dermatologist A/Prof Deshan Sebaratnam explains the role of pimecrolimus cream in the management of atopic dermatitis/eczema where the use of a topical corticosteroid is not considered suitable (5 mins).

Dr Rupert Hinds
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In this Product Explainer, Gastroenterologist Dr Rupert Hinds explains the role of infant formula containing prebiotic oligosaccharides for formula-fed infant gut and immune health (5 mins).   Breast milk is best for babies. A healthy diet is important for breastfeeding. A decision not to breastfeed, or partial bottle feed, may reduce milk supply making it difficult to reverse. Use formula as directed. For Healthcare Professionals only - not for distribution to the general public.

Dr Andrew Leech
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In this Product Explainer, Dr Andrew Leech, GP with a special interest in paediatric health, discusses how to maximise nutritional intake in children with ADHD, using oral nutritional supplement drinks (5 mins).

Dr Daryl Cheng
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In this Product Explainer, Paediatrician Dr Daryl Cheng explains the role of the MenACWY-TT conjugate vaccine for invasive meningococcal disease, the importance of adolescent vaccination and opportunistic immunisation, and the healthcare professional’s role in improving uptake rates in this age group (7 mins).

PP-NIM-AUS-0340. May 2023

Expert/s: Dr Daryl Cheng