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Lynnette Hoffman

Will GLP-1 restrictions save us from a cost-blowout, or come back to bite us down the road...

Sophia Auld

Nearly four in ten Australian aged care residents are prescribed an antipsychotic, despite the fact they often don’t work, have serious adverse effects, and are only recommended for managing dementia-related behaviours when other strategies have failed...

Lynnette Hoffman

Psychiatrist Jayashri Kulkarni explains what's behind the staggering trend, and what GPs can do...

Dr Tash Pocovi

The recurrent nature of low back pain is a major contributor to the enormous burden low back pain places on individuals and the health-care system. Here's how walking can prevent the burden...

Dr Philip Tong

A 77-year-old male presents with a red crusted plaques on the face

Sarah Wilson

A landmark legal settlement has once again focused our attention on the dangers of “forever chemicals”...

Sophia Auld

Intrarosa was approved by the TGA last year, and is now available in Australia. Here's what you need to know...

Lynnette Hoffman

Healthed survey finds that while many expect negative impact, they support changes...

Fiona Clark

The British Menopause Society recently issued guidance that women don't necessarily need to stop MHT after a heart attack, but experts say prudence and clinical judgement still required...

Daniela Thompson

Over the past three years, cases of gonorrhoea have risen by 45% and chlamydia by 24%. Infectious syphilis cases have climbed steadily with 24.3 notifications per 100,000 population in 2022

Ian A. Wright

The contaminants found in our drinking water are the same ones United States authorities warn can cause cancer over a long period of time, with reports warning there is “no safe level of exposure”.

Dr Philip Tong

A 48-year-old male presents with a papules coalescing into plaques over the nape of the neck