Peter Swoboda
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Stents are like scaffolding that keep narrowed arteries open. These devices have been revolutionary in treating heart attacks...

Expert/s: Peter Swoboda
Prof Clara Chow AM
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The questions answered in this podcast are listed below. They were compiled by GPs and health professionals around Australia.

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This mini-audit will focus on understanding whether or not older patients in your practice are having cardiac auscultation done at a frequency sufficient to detect valvular disease in its early stages, and to detect more advanced valvular disease that may not yet be suspected.

Fiona Clark
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Experts in Europe say assessment tools are underestimating risk—how does Australia’s calculator stack up.

Expert/s: Fiona Clark
A/Prof Kaleab Asrress
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The burden of disease is high and there is a huge number of patients undiagnosed

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Wegovy (semaglutide 2.4mg) reduces the risk of major cardiovascular events by 20% over five years in people with established CVD who do not have diabetes

Expert/s: Healthed
Dr Sarah Tedjasukmana
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The Framingham risk equation is out, and an increased number of risk factors, including socio economic status, are in

Dr Diem Pham
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Ausculating the chest is critical to picking up this underdiagnosed condition

Expert/s: Dr Diem Pham
Ann Kirkness
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Cardiac rehabilitation is a program that helps patients make healthy lifestyle changes

Expert/s: Ann Kirkness
A/Prof Jurgen Passage
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Severe symptomatic aortic stenosis carries a terrible prognosis - We need to listen to our patient's chest once a year to pick up aortic stenosis early

Lynnette Hoffman
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50% of untreated patients with severe aortic stenosis will die within two years

Dr Alisha Dorrigan
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Wearable devices aren’t yet standardised enough to be incorporated into general practice assessments, expert saysa