A/Prof Neera Bhatia

Associate Professor in Law, Deakin University
Dr Neera Bhatia is an Associate Professor. She holds an LLB (Hons), Master of Laws (from the UK) and a Doctorate in Law from Deakin University.

Neera is the author of ‘Critically impaired infants and end of life decision making: Resource allocation and difficult decisions’, published by Routledge Cavendish (UK). Her research interests are in end-of-life decision-making for critically ill infants and children, organ donation, voluntary assisted dying, definition and determination of death, emerging health and reproductive technologies – and more broadly contemporary issues in health law. She has published in national and international journals on a wide range of health law issues. Neera actively engages with the wider community as an expert commentator in the media on topical issues in health law.

She teaches Health Law in the undergraduate and postgraduate programs. She is currently the Deputy Chair of the University Human Research Ethics Committee. She has previously sat on several clinical ethics committees.

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