A/Prof Peta Stapleton

Associate Professor in Psychology, Bond University
Associate Professor Peta Stapleton is a registered clinical and health Psychologist who embraces evidence-based and innovative techniques. Peta is a world-leading researcher in Emotional Freedom Techniques (‘Tapping’) and has been awarded many achievements including the 2014 Harvey Baker Research Award for meticulous research (Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology, USA), the 2015 Global Weight Management Congress Industry Professional Award of Excellence, the 2015 Gold Coast Women in Business Women in Change Award and the 2018 Innovation and Technology Award Winner. In 2016 Peta was awarded the Most Contribution to the Field (energy psychology) and was named the 2019 Research Supervisor of the Year at Bond University. In 2019 Peta was also named Psychologist of the Year (by the Australian Allied Health Awards).

Peta is a featured EFT Tapping presenter on Gaia, SBS Warner Brother Myth vs Medicine research expert, yearly presenter on the international Tapping World Summit, and is featured on Prime USA (Chasing The Present Film). Peta 2018 TEDx Is Therapy Facing a Revolution is now hosted on the official TED website. Peta is one of two Bond University Gold Coast Tourism and Business Event Ambassadors, bringing conferences and events to the Gold Coast.

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