2018 David Hallford Psychology Deakin Burwood Profile

David John Hallford

Senior Lecturer and Clinical Psychologist, Deakin University
Current board member of the Australian Clinical Psychology Association (ACPA)

Senior Lecturer at Deakin University (Melbourne). Unit coordinator of the undergraduate Psychopathology unit which educates students on mental illness diagnosis, formulation, and treatment

Practising clinical psychologist, focusing on assessment and treatment mental of illnesses in youth and adults. Currently working in private practice at Be Psychology and Mental Health – https://www.be-psychology.com.au/

Active researcher, with a focus on emotional disorders (and particularly depression). In this research I focus on the process of recalling past experiences and thinking about the future, and how this interacts with things like anticipating pleasure, pursing goals that are important to us, our self-concept, and solving the problems in our lives. I study the interaction between mental illnesses and these abilities, and develop and test interventions to improve mental health.

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