Dr Jianni Tien

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Sydney
Dr. Jianni Tien is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Sydney Centre for Healthy Societies at the University of Sydney. Jianni works at the intersection of science and technology studies, the feminist environmental humanities, and sociology of health. She researches the ontologies and epistemologies at work in our Anthropocene era and the power structures that underpin them, including questions of situated and enforced Western knowledges. Jianni’s doctoral research examined the affective power of scuba diving in cenotes – naturally occurring sinkholes – and how to harness such affective power in order to ethically respond to the complex dilemmas of the Anthropocene. Her current research projects include the social dimensions of innovations in nanosensing biotechnology; human-microbial relations, and the politics of the transcorporeal in lung cancer stigma.

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Earlier this year, federal health minister Mark Butler announced a new national Lung Cancer Screening Program. The first of its kind for lung cancer, the screening program will open initially to current and former smokers aged 50 to 70 years by July 2025. It aims to save lives by detecting lung cancer earlier.

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