Daly, Stehpanie

Dr Stephanie Daly

General Practitioner; GP Educator, Dementia Training Australia; Central Adelaide Multi-Disciplinary Geriatric Service, SA Health
Stephanie works as a GP Educator for a national training body – Dementia Training Australia – who deliver Dementia focused education for nurses, allied health professionals and medical professionals across Australia.
She is also recording her first podcast series – Dementia in Practice – covering a wide range of topics within the sphere of Cognitive Impairment.

Locally, Stephanie has experience in working with people impacted by Dementia within the wider Adelaide community through her work with SA Health in the Central Adelaide Multi-Disciplinary Geriatric Service (CALHN MCGS).

The next stage of Stephanie’s journey is through Sensus Cognition – a Specialist GP consultancy service for people and their families seeking advice, guidance and assessment where concern exists around Cognitive Health & Dementia. If you would like to find out more about booking an appointment

Stephanie will continue to practice as a traditional GP in the northern suburbs, whilst through Sensus Cognition, providing focused services direct to patients, raising awareness and hosting educational events for local agencies

Sensus Cognition aims to work in a Multi-Disciplinary way, collaborating with Allied Health colleagues such as Occupational Therapists, Community Nursing Teams, GPs & Geriatricians.

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