Kittscha, Julia

Julia Kittscha

Clinical Stomal Therapy Nurse Consultant; Wollongong Hospital, NSW
Julia Kittscha has been a Clinical Nurse Consultant in Stomal Therapy for 23 years. Her current role at Wollongong Hospital in NSW Australia encompasses the acute setting, nurse led clinic, periphery hospitals and community. During her career she has presented at national and international conferences. She has several Journal publications and has been Editor and peer reviewer for the Journal of Stomal Therapy Australia.

Julia has conducted research as part of a team and whilst completing her Masters by research. The research for her Master degree explored the experiences of patients discharged home from hospital with a newly formed ileostomy. Currently she is undertaking her PhD on adjustment to a stoma over time with a focus on the role of support groups and peer support. She is passionate about Stomal Therapy Nursing and relishes sharing her skills to empower others.

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