Maher, Chris

Prof Christopher Maher

Urogynaecologist; Wesley Urogynaecology Unit, University of Queensland 
Professor Maher is a tertiary referral Urogynaecologist working at the Wesley and Royal Brisbane Urogynaecology Units. His long interest long interest in research has been rewarded with over 150 peer review publications and a PhD at the University of QLD.

He has lead the Queensland branch of the Continence Foundation of Australia, served as secretary of the AGES board and chaired the Royal Australian & New Zealand College Urogynaecology Sub-specialty Committee and Urogynaecology Society of Australasia (UGSA).

Professor Maher also leads the prestigious Cochrane review on the surgical management of prolapse since 2004 and the International Collaboration Incontinence (ICI) on the surgical management of prolapse since 2012. In 2021 he co-chairs the 50th International Continence Society meeting in Melbourne.

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