Prof Ramsey Cutress

Professor, Breast Surgery, University of Southampton

As an academic breast cancer surgeon Professor Cutress works both within the University of Southampton, and the Breast Unit at University Hospital Southampton, in clinics and the operating theatre. Surgery is a key treatment for early stage breast cancer, and the focus of his research is to develop improvements in treatments and outcomes for our patients.

Cutress is also Consultant Surgeon at Southampton University Hospitals Trust. He completed his medical degree at Oxford University and during clinical surgical training he won a National Breast Reconstructive and Oncoplastic Fellowship. He wrote his Ph.D on the significance of BAG-1 isoform expression in breast cancer funded by a Robertson Trust fellowship from Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, and the ninth Guernsey Research Fellowship from Hope.

Ramsey divides his time between the clinic and research. Clinical research interests include investigation of patient and host determinants of breast cancer outcomes including genetic predisposition, immunological and lifestyle factors. Ramsey is involved in various national research studies, clinical trials and translational projects and is Chair of the Academic and Research Committee of the Association of Breast Surgery (ABS) and led on the ABS Research Gap analysis. In the NHS he is the Southampton breast

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